Where Did The Three Ring Binders Come From?

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In schools and business, offices all around the world you can find three ring binders. This particular product is a marvel for consolidating, arranging or combining forms and loose paper while protecting them from filth and grime.

In 1854, a patent was provided for loose leaf paper. Loose leaf paper was wonderful but wasn’t very great for organization compared with paper bought in notebooks that was already organized. Henry T. Sisson of Providence in Rhode Island filed for patent of both 2 and 3 ring binders in 1854. He identified the issue of organizing the loose leaf paper but didn’t quite know how to set up shaping a systematic way of organization. He improved and refined his initial patent several times before getting it just right.

Although the original patent was recorded in 1854 it wasn’t until 1899 for the binder for the paper to be accessible for consumers to buy. One of the initial manufactures to sell to consumers was the Chicago Binder and File Company. Originally they marketed the 2 ring binder but discovered the 3 ring binder was better for holding papers in place.

The original design kept your papers in position with a binder enclosed in a hefty binder similar to cardboard. Today the 3 ring binder is created from plastic materials. The metal materials that open and close to hold papers in place are created from cold rolled steel, nickel gilded and polished to a gleam.

The evolution of the binder’s size didn’t change much from the original design. The binder is designed to reflect the size of the paper it holds. The majority of binders are manufactured to be 12 inches by 10 inches when in the closed position. The explanation for little change is because loose leaf paper hasn’t changed. The paper has always measured approximately 8.5 inches by 11 inches.

The quantity of paper retained in the binder is reflected by the size of the rings inside of the binder. Several various ring sizes have been fashioned. The smallest size is about 1/2 inch rings all the way up to larger binder rings that can measure 3 inches in their diameter.

This is an invention that doesn’t stand much in the way of improvement or change in the near future. With the world trying to go green there is less and less paper being used which will contribute to less and less need for the 2 or 3 ring binder.


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