A Case For New Ford Models

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Why Ford?

Ford is a prestige brand that caters not only to the practical needs of people on the road, but also to their sense of style and desire for cars that perform well. True, Fords are typically more expensive than cars of other brands that belong in the same class (car, SUV, MPV, Truck, etc.), but that’s because Ford MAX and other models are made with quality and aesthetics in mind, putting serious effort into trying to come up with cars that anyone would be proud to drive.

Old Versus New

There are people who might want to look at older models of Ford MAX and other cars, instead of the newer models. Their reason is simple: older models of Ford are more affordable. That’s a fair assumption. But these people even argue that one might get a better value for money with older models. Well, now, that’s not necessarily true. Consider the following:

–          For Old Models: Older Ford MAX and other models have already undergone considerable loss in retail value, which means that you can buy them at a greatly reduced price.

–          Counter-argument: True, older Ford MAX and other car models have undergone a significant amount of devaluation, but for good reason. Cars are at their best performance when they are new, and the older a Ford MAX (or any other car for that matter) becomes, the more its performance begins to slip. A young car will experience only minor mechanical problems, but the older a car gets, the more serious its breakdowns will become, and the more costly it will be to repair them.

Also, Ford is constantly seeking to tweak, and occasionally even reinvent the look and feel of their Ford MAX and other models, which means that getting the latest models will get you the most updated, modern designs in the market today. This is important if you want to be at the frontlines of car design. Older models of Ford may look good, but Ford is constantly trying to make sure that their newer models look even better.

Finally, newer models of Ford MAX and other cars simple perform better than their older counterparts. This is true no matter how good the condition of the older model is. The reason is simple: new technologies are constantly being invented and applied to car manufacturing. This means that newer models generally have better specifications than their older counterparts (why regress when you can progress?), and you can enjoy more features, better responsiveness, less problems when going through the various conditions you’re likely to meet with on the road, more and better security features, etc.

Ford’s Future Lineup

If you’re still not convinced, take some time to check out Ford’s future lineup, which includes a new Ford MAX model. Many of these new models are hybrid or electric models.

–          2012 Ford Focus MAX

–          2012 Focus Electric

–          2013 C-MAX

–          2013 C-MAX Energi

–          2013 C-MAX Hybrid

–          Transit Connect EV


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