Salgado Investigation

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Salgado investigation was named after its founder Jorge Salgado Reyes. Jorge worked in different capacity in different companies before establishing his own company. He worked as a detective in a store and an undercover detective in the Heathrow Airport. He worked also as a manager for a security group in the WH Smiths.

Jorge suffered in the beginning of his business, but afterwards the clients came in one by one while some were even coming back. As Jorge was trying to establish his business, he also established a website. As the clients became more satisfied, Salgado investigation had to hire more investigators to help with increasing workload.

Salgado investigation offers bilingual investigators who are ready to work in different set ups. They deal with investigating the commercial but sometime they investigate private life too. Jorge had worked for more than 17 years in the investigating area while hiring only experienced and trusted investigators to cover mostly the Chile at the same time the Latin America. But the same services can be gotten in the UK too. People who need Salgado investigation may need the services to investigate a fraud, to trace or to process the services for surveillance purposes.

The need to invest a fraud is used by the insurance companies which suspect that a client did not suffer the problem he is claiming the money for. Therefore there is a need to investigate if the client is saying the truth and there is no other prior motive, the company hires Salgado investigation to get to the bottom of it. Different companies also can use the service to investigate a business they want to enter into contract with. The tracing is used by people who want to know where someone has gone. Process serving is used to help with the delivery and makes sure that the receiver got the products or the documents. Surveillance is used to monitor infidelity matters or to monitor the commercial partners.

The investigators of Salgado investigation are conversant with the legislation as they are being made and they use advanced equipment if the need arises. If you are a client of Salgado investigation, you are able to choose among the available investigators according to who you like the most.

The success of Salgado investigation lies in the way they have a good relationship with small businesses. Jorge himself passes some of his time developing this relationship and by designing the website.


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