Ebook And Internet Marceting

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Now to go directly to the process of creating an information product.

1. Idea

The first thing you need to specify the topic for your load. In fact, it is not as difficult as it may seem.

If you have a website, do a poll among its readers. Ask them the question of what information they need? Analyze other sites, developing the same theme. Check out what people search on search engines, which are the most common keywords.

Here are some simple ideas for creating highly profitable products: they can be in the form of interviews, videos, seminars, audio recordings, teleseminari, recording of telephone consultations, audio books, training courses in DVD format.

You can sell products to others based on the purchase of copyright or hire as a writer to write for you e-book.

Overall idea of ​​finding information product does not take much vreme.Edinstvenoto which asks you, has dose creative thought and patience.

2. Uniqueness and necessity

After selecting the topic of the load, you should check for uniqueness and need ie whether it is sought.

It is possible that similar products already exist and successfully sold by famous entrepreneurs. In this case, you can opt out of the idea or make significant changes and ultimately to create a product superior to existing ones.

On the demand side: your product may contain information of high quality and interesting content, which however is not necessary for anyone (or be interesting to a very limited audience). This literally means that you can not recover costs of product due to its low sales.

3. Plan

Make a complete list of issues to be addressed. Build original structure of the load: sections, subsections, mikrotemi. This will facilitate your work in creating the product. This will serve the information in a consistent and logical manner.

4. Type

Another point is the need to determine what the format (type) of the future infoprodukt.

The following lines will present the main types of information products:

4.1 E-book or only text (possibly with additional illustrations).

Ebooks are widespread. You write the text of the future product in your favorite text editor, such as Microsoft Word. If you require more clarity – illustrate the content of images. Then the text in the Compile EXE or PDF.

In the first case I can offer you the program EBook Creator. For the second – use program PdfFactory.

4.2 Audio.

I’ll share an interesting idea. If an e-book is read aloud and then make a record that will allow you to ask for more money. Agree, an audio recording is more expensive than an electronic book.

Such is the psychology of buyers. For audio, they are willing to pay more than text. Video – more than audio.

Examples of audio products can be: various tele-seminars, interviews and more.

4.3 Video on the computer screen.

Very popular format.

For this purpose I use Camtasia Studio. It can record any actions you make on the computer screen.

These products are a favorite of customers because the information they offer is in the format “easy to digest and very suitable to create video courses.

5. Live Video.

You can save your information product of an ordinary camera.

It is convenient to use this format when you want to show some action or emotion. For example, the live video is an ideal format for creating a video course in self-defense. This allows the author to demonstrate various fighting techniques.

6. Other formats.

Of course, the type of information products varies widely and is not limited to the examples I gave.

For example, each program-is also an information product. This applies to the site whose information is paid access.

7. Combine.

You can combine different formats. So to the electronic book can add audio comments. To audio-lecture to suggest additional text version.

Everything depends on your imagination.


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