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Mp3 players that are portable come in handy as is confirmed by most people who find it a great option to be able to have their music with them on the go. It ensures you are always having fun even as you are running errands. Compared to CDs, mp3 players stand out to be more compact. With an mp3 player you don’t have to carry around a full box of CDs as the mp3 players come with a memory capacity of up to 5GB. Their designs are such that they are very small and can fit almost anywhere, be it the pocket. Walking around with one makes you look trendy and makes a fashion statement too.

Deciding to buy an MP3 player can be a daunting task. The numbers of models that one is surrounded with are so many that one is spoilt for choice. You should first familiarize yourself with the features they contain.The basis of categorizing mp3 players is two. First there are those that have large memory size and those with a small memory size. Another feature that can be handy is if the mp3 player of your choice has the review feature or allows for review of the music that has already played and even rates the most played tracks.

Mp3 categories

They are categorized according to their storage capacity and ability or the capability of reading the different file formats. The most common formats are mp3 and the wma format and the capability to support data that is in the flash disc or the hard disc drive.

The most popular mp3 players are those with flash memory. They are selling like hot cakes and feature memories ranging from 256 megabytes up to a maximum of 4 gigabytes thus they can store up to 1200 songs. Micro drive mp3 player has a greater storage capacity than the one of flash memory. Their capacity goes up to 10GB! Hard drive is the one with the largest storage capacity though and plays music that are in all sorts of formats too.

Today’s Mp3 players come loaded with goodies that are interesting. They have Fm radio that is a new add-on; they also have the capability of sorting the music you want to play. The other features include color screens that are wide and have high resolutions, a voice recording feature and tuner for television and radio.


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