Clog Shoes For Both Men And Women

Clog shoes are returning after being popular in the 70s when they were the in thing and every body yearned to have a pair. But this did not stand for long as they were overthrown by other trendier ones. History is repeating itself as the love for the clog shoes has soared on an all time high. Clogs are simple to identify with their design – their backs are open and they seem to slip on. Traditionally the clog shoes had a sole that was made primarily from a sole of wood and its top made of a leather strapping. They looked nice and went an extra mile to have a strap from the back to ensure that your foot remained in the shoes. The comfort provided by the clogs has led to its rise in popularity. They are the kind of shoe with very little strain when you are in them.logs for women

Clogs are handy as it saves your foot from a slip because of the straps. Women also consider wearing clogs from the fact that clogs can be worn in warm weather without the worry of people looking at their toes. They can also be used when you for instance have a sore toe nail that needs to be taken care of. Women also love the fact that they can wear the clogs in a cool weather while keeping their socks on. In essence clogs are an all season type of shoe.

A number of women consider wearing the traditional wooden clogs when they are out gardening. This is because the mud from the garden can easily be washed off without much strain. There is even an athletic version of the clogs.Clog for men

A great number of men fear being seen in clogs! Initially clogs were considered a women’s thing, thus men are still skeptical of being in clogs. The few who are brave to be in them have ended up loving and being attached to them. Unlike women’s clog, men’s clogs have masculine colors in most cases there are either black in color or brown. Typically they are more of sandals in almost all aspects. Men would not want to wear these shoes to their places of work, the golf fields or even to attend church in them.

Today, we are witnessing more and more usage of the medical clogs in our hospitals and other facilities of the hospital. These clogs have very thick soles that are made of rubber. Their surfaces, unlike the other ones which have leather strapping, are made of rubber strapping.

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