Types Of Candles

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Every body will agree to the popularity of candles. They are simple sources of light but their capabilities are enormous. Within a flash of a few seconds you can create a setting that is romantic. You can use a candle to create scents that are pleasurable or even simply add decorations to the room. This is known as aromatherapy. Candles are also used in a number of ceremonies like when marking birthdays, wedding ceremony and a number of other religious ceremonies.

There are different types of candles, one is the Pillar candle. This is cylindrical in shape and made just of wax. They have a scent and people use them for a number of purposes, one being to create that ambience of relaxation when you are in the bath, an ambience of romance in the bedroom and an appetizing environment in your room for dinner. Pillar candles are also used when people want to remember or celebrate certain special events in their life such as a wedding anniversary on a child’s baptizing ceremony.

Then we have the taper candle. This one is used to add lighting to the dinning room. Soft lighting that creates an appealing environment. These candles are designed according to some standards that make them fit into all the candle sticks that might be available.

The votive ones are smaller than the rest of the candles. They are usually put in a group so that they can have an impact. These can be used with lanterns for decorative purposes and add to home décor. Make sure you contain their burning in some way as they are known to burn quickly since they are short and they might burn and reach the surface of your furniture.

When you want to create a master piece of beauty, consider floating candles. They are made in such a way that the flames reflect on the surface of the water and they are very safe to burn.

Jar candles have scent that has been made from high quality paraffin or from soy. These candles have a very sweet smell and make the house have a ‘tasty smell’; and are very clean in terms of their burning compared to the other types of candles.

Finally considering that candles have a flame that is open, they can pose great danger when using them if proper care is not taken. You need to have safety measures such as never leaving a candle that is burning unattended and to ensure that you have a candle holder, don’t just place the bare candle on furniture. Also make sure the candle you are using does not produce much soot as this can be a health hazard.


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