Emerging Technologies Are Allowing Vending Machines to Function Without Hfc

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There are new emerging technologies that are happening in the vending machine world that many of us have never considered. This article outlines some of the developing and emerging technology that will be available in the near future for something many take for granted.

PepsiCo is trial testing a new refrigeration system that is in line with the green emerging technology many other companies are bringing to the public. They are installing cooling systems that contain carbon dioxide instead of the usual hydro fluorocarbons (HFCs). They are field testing the new refrigeration machines to evaluate the reliability and performance at this time before mass distribution of the new machines.

While carbon dioxide has been contributed to ozone layer arguments, HFCs greenhouse gases are extraordinarily more powerful when it comes to trapping solar radiation than carbon dioxide.

The vending machine has 95 percent of the greenhouse gas emissions from the electricity and only 5 percent from the coolant. This may not be the ultimate answer for emissions from coolant systems being totally green, it definitely is a large movement towards getting there through the use of emerging technologies.

The company is not the first to consider reducing emissions with non-HFC-based refrigeration as an emerging technology for vending machines. Coca-Cola and Unilever both have tested the technology of non-HFC-based refrigeration here in America. Unilever currently has over 2 million of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream vending freezers in distribution all over the world. One of Wal-Mart’s Canadian stores has non-HFC-based refrigeration currently being used.

In China, the largest manufacturer of refrigerants has begun manufacturing refrigerators without HFCs. In addition, so have Whirlpool Company and Miele Company. Emerging technology has allowed over 300 million home refrigerators around the world at this time to function with no HFCs.

None of the 300 million home refrigerators operating without HFCs are located here in America. They have not approved this emerging technology for commercial use by our Environmental Protection Agency. Hopefully after Pepsi-Co field testing and the home refrigerators already in use outside of America will change this policy soon. Going green by simply using a product or service already in use is simple. Every consumer has refrigerators in their homes, not to mention the industrial refrigeration uses.

Emerging technologies in vending machines appears to have engulfed the soda machine companies and spilled over into other areas of the industry that use HFC technology and are trying to reduce greenhouse emissions.


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