Industrial Cleaning Options

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The best industrial cleaning products around can be identified as cleaners strong enough to kill bacteria, viruses and mold. However, although they are strong cleaners, they don’t necessarily have to be expensive. They should also offer versatility by being able to clean more than one space, one room or one surface. There are a couple of industrial cleaning products that can fit this description; they include chlorine bleach which is very effective at destroying contaminants and flexible in order to be used at more than one place. Window cleaner is another multipurpose cleaning product and degreaser.

Numerous industrial cleaning products make use of chlorine bleach because of its cleaning, whitening and disinfecting capabilities. Chlorine bleach can be used on nearly any surface. There are some exceptions, such as wood. Bleach will remove the color from any colored wood including Oak, Cherry and Maple. If chlorine bleach is used on surfaces that are colored and able to bleed those colors, you also want to keep your chlorine bleach away from those.

Chlorine bleach is usually added to water to dilute it. You can add 2 tablespoons to 5 gallons of water. You can clean a variety of surfaces in multiple rooms using chlorine bleach. Many restaurants use this industrial cleaning solution to sterilize and decontaminate their tables in restaurants and bleach water is used to sanitize dishes and glassware in numerous restaurants.

Place the bleach and water solution in spray bottles. You can use old plastic spray bottles of other cleaning products that you were throwing in the garbage if you want to make our world a little greener. Be certain the original cleaner is completely cleaned out of the spray bottle. Mixing chemical compositions of some industrial cleaning products can be dangerous, read the back of the chlorine spray bottle.

On the whole, window cleaning products are used to clean windows and surfaces such as light fixtures and shine kitchen and bathroom fixtures. Kitchen appliances that are stainless steel can be cleaned and shined. Industrial cleaning companies use window cleaning products quite often.

Degreasers are one more versatile industrial cleaning option. Excess grease buildup is removed with degreasers. These are great around the kitchen, whether industrial or your own home kitchen. Almost all food-businesses utilize degreaser products for their kitchens and eating areas. Automotive industries which are full of grease from cars make use of degreaser products for their bays where work is performed. Degreasers are used in many circumstances prior to cleaning with soap and water and are a great industrial cleaning solution.


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