24 Inch Bar Stools And Their Uses

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24 inch bar stools are known for their use in bars and in snack bars because of high tables that are used in the same set up.

24 inch bar stools can be used for more than just one activity; you can find them in the working area or used by children to reach high heights. They are found also in snack bars or entertainment areas. If you want that the bar stool to be used by children, you have to adjust the stool to the child’s height. Artists also can benefit from this type of a stool because it can be suitable to use with a high desk top.

Sculptors or painters use the smaller 24 inch bar stool because they are more comfortable when drawing, most of the artists have different tables for use so they need different types of stool. Users prefer the 24 inch bar stool to other stool, because this kind of stool gives the legs enough place to move around. Unlike small chairs, you can rest your legs on horizontal bars found in the middle of the chair. But smaller versions of 24 inch bar stool can help you to put your legs comfortably on the floor.

The 24 inch bar stool can also be used in the kitchen, but those for the kitchen should be smaller to let the user have his feet firm on the ground. The tall ones can be used by people who do not like to work standing, or who just sit on it relaxing waiting for the food to be cooked.

The 24 inch bar stool can be custom made or can be purchased directly from the shop.

If you are buying the stool to be used by a child, you can go for a custom made one because you can give the specifications according to the child’s age and height. And for personal use also it is better to have one custom made. You will be sure that the stool is comfortable for you before paying for it, unlike the ready made ones which are made on random.

If you are buying for commercial use, you should choose the stools according to the counter’s level. But you can set different table of different levels to be able to cater for different needs of the customers. Or you can have a small corner for children and put your small 24 inch bar stools for use!


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