Foster Farm's Breast Nuggets

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Foster Farm’s Breast Nuggets has turned into one of my favorite buys in 2011.  As a company, Foster Farms is one of the leading names in chicken products, so to that extent, they are trustworthy.  I like going with brands I know something about and have proven to be of some quality.  Foster Farms fits that profile.

According to the package, these Breast Nuggets are made with white meat and are “shaped breaded chicken patties with rib meat.”  Usually found in the frozen food aisle, the product is fully cooked and made with no trans fat.

What I love is that these are so easy to make.  I tend to utilize my Foreman Grill and cook them in the baking pan.  Just seven minutes after putting them on, they are cooked beautifully.

The package gives instructions for cooking in a conventional oven, the microwave, and a deep fryer.  I’ve never utilized those options, however.  I find Foreman cooks just about everything better.

At any rate, I love the size of the nuggets.  If you don’t mind a bit of greasy fingers, they can be eaten like finger foods.  In my view, each nugget makes for two solid bites.  I use the fork and knife method though and tend to simply slice each one in half to consume the nuggets.

Four nuggets equals 220 calories and there are roughly 48 nuggets per each package of the 2lb. 1.6 ounce size, which is what I normally buy.

The big thing to me is taste.  I love the moistness of the pieces.  The breading is just about right in that it doesn’t overpower or take away from the chicken itself.  It actually compliments the chicken, so the end result is very good.

Ultimately, the chicken patties or nuggets work well for me.  They make for a good portion of lunch and dinner and even for snacking.  They fill me up in a healthier fashion than some other food choices I could be making.  On occasion, I’ll even treat the dogs to a nugget.

So, overall, these nuggets are a regular part of my meal options and I do recommend them.


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