Canon Powershot Sd1300

The Canon Powershot SD1300 measures at 3.6 inches in width and 2.2 inches in height. It has a 28mm wide-angle lens and a 4x optical zoom. You can take close-up photos with ease! The Optical Image Stabilizer will help you to get a steady shot even through the camera shakes. This camera also has 12.1-megapixel resolution and a clear PureColor System LCD screen that measures at 2.7. So not only will you be able to clearly print your large images, you will be able to clearly view them on your camera screen as well! This digital camera comes in a few different colors, including silver, white, pink, and blue.

This Powershot camera from Canon offers fifteen shooting modes. This will help you to get a good shot regardless of the surrounding conditions. For example, it offers a Low Light Mode for dimmer lights. Your photo will still come out looking great! The Smart Auto Mode will select one of eighteen settings to help you get a good shot. It does not matter if your taking pictures of your family outside or the sunset, this mode will automatically select the setting necessary for the specific area.

The Canon Powershot SD1300 comes with a few accessories to help get you started, such as the Digital Camera Solution CD-ROM. To help you with downloading your photos and more, it includes two cables, which are the USB interface cable and the AV cable. To use your camera, you will need to charge it. You will be able to do so with the lithium-ion battery pack and the battery charger. This Powershot camera also comes with a wrist strap, to keep you from dropping your camera while you are holding it.

The Canon Powershot SD1300 can be found in both retail stores and online shopping websites. Here are a few websites and locations to find this electronic gift (prices and colors may vary per store).


Circuit City

Radio Shack

Ritz Camera


Toys ‘R’ Us

Just about everyone loves to take photos. It’s fun to capture a memory and look back on it whenever you want. Getting a new digital camera can also be a lot of fun, because you can test out the different modes and settings. So the next time you are looking for a digital camera for yourself or a loved one, you can consider trying out the Canon Powershot SD1300. Canon is a very popular brand, and this camera is sure to be a hit!

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