Benefits of Sending Holiday E-Cards

However, there are additional benefits of sending holiday e-cards that most consumers don’t consider as the holidays approach.

Benefits of Sending Holiday E-Cards: Affordability

There are dozens of websites that offer free e-cards for every occasion, including the holiday season. Many of the e-card choices available even include animation graphics and quality sound effects.

When the cost of actual paper holiday cards plus the cost of postage is calculated, the total cost of sending one holiday card can easily reach two to three dollars.

Benefits of Sending Holiday E-Cards: Convenience

Holiday e-cards can be sent at any time from any computer. Rather than setting aside a whole weekend to personalize, address and stamp holiday cards, people can send a few holiday e-cards whenever they get free time.

Benefits of Sending Holiday E-Cards: Instant Delivery

The post office is notorious for the slow delivery time during the holiday season. Sending holiday e-cards ensures that loved ones will receive their holiday messages on time.

Benefits of Sending Holiday E-Cards: Customization

Forget about agonizing over finding the perfect holiday card set or buying multiple boxes to send to different groups of friends and family. A different holiday e-card can be sent to each friend or family member if desired.

Holiday e-cards also allow for personalized messages, so consumers can tailor their holiday wishes to each friend or family member.

Some holiday e-card providers allow users to upload their own photos to holiday e-cards. This is a great option for people who normally send out a glossy photo holiday card and much more affordable too.

Benefits of Sending Holiday E-Cards: Environmentally Friendly

In today’s green living conscious society, protecting the environment means more than just recycling plastic bottles. The only environmental impact that holiday e-cards have is the amount of energy that is used for choosing, sending and retrieving the e-card. Send a holiday e-card, save part of a tree.

Choosing to send a holiday e-card may be considered non-traditional by some people, but as e-cards continue to gain popularity, more and more consumers may choose this holiday greeting option over traditional paper cards.

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