Product Review: Ultimate Crib Sheet

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There are several products that I have found invaluable as a mother.  The Ultimate Crib Sheet is one of those items.  For those not familiar with this product, it is essentially a mattress pad for a crib.  The difference is that this pad goes on top of the fitted crib sheet, unlike a traditional mattress pad that is situated between the mattress and the fitted sheet.  The Ultimate Crib Sheet has elastic straps that wrap around the crib railings to provide a tight and secure fit.  Here are a few of the benefits of this product and why I highly recommend it.

  • It is a quick change sheet.  This means that if you have a sick child, a leaky diaper or a night-time accident, you won’t have to struggle with changing the fitted sheet.  Simply unstrap the Ultimate Crib Sheet and either replace it with another one, or just use the fitted crib sheet that is already in place.

  • Prolongs the life of your fitted crib sheet.  Since your child will not be sleeping directly on the fitted crib sheet, it won’t get as dirty.  Therefore, your bedding should last longer than if your child was sleeping directly on the fitted crib sheet.

  • Works with all of your bedding.  You can still enjoy picking out a pretty, or handsome, bedding set that reflects your style.  The Ultimate Crib Sheet will sit on top of the fitted sheet and it can even work with bumper guards kept in place.

  • Machine washable.  There are no special laundering requirements for this product.

While I’ll admit that these top sheets may not be the prettiest, one will quickly realize that the benefits of this product make it one of the most beautiful products on the market for mothers.  Not only do I recommend this product, but I suggest buying two.  My preference is to have one in use and one in the closet in case I need to swap it out.  When I have had those night time emergencies, I found this product to be a life saver.  I just swapped-out the Ultimate Crib Sheet for a new one and I was able to get everyone back to bed.


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