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Man On Fire is about a former Recon Marien called John Creasy (played by Denzel Washington) who travels to Ciudad Juarez, which is in Mexico, to visit his friend and former CIA colleague Paul Rayburn (played by Christopher Walken). John admits he has become an alcoholic because of the horrors in his past and Rayburn encourages him to take a job as a body guard in Mexico City for businessman Samuel Ramos (played by Marc Anthony) who fires Creasy to guard his nine year old daughter Pita (played by Dakota Fanning) which he accepts. Pita quickly shows interest in Creasy, though he remains distant due to his depression. After a night of heavy drinking Creasy fails an attempted suicide and later begins to form a friendship with pita. A gang of kidnappers take Pita after a piano lesson and despite killing some of the assailants, Creasy is shot and is unable to save her. The Ramos agree to deliver a dead drop ransom of ten million as instructed by “The Voice”, the mastermind of the kidnapping ring. A group of Mexicans called “La Hermandad”, however ambush the drop, and the money is stolen, resulting in The Voice saying Pita will not be returned. Creasy eventually leaves the hospital before fully recovering from his wounds and vows to Pita’s mother Lisa (played by Radha Mitchell) that he will kill everyone who was involved with the kidnapping.

Even though Denzel Washington has made many great films this has to be one of his best! The acting is first class, the story is intriguing and kept me on the edge of my seat through most of the film. Man On Fire also has to be one of the best kidnap and ransom, revenge and emotional, movies ever made, especially the final part of the film. There is plenty of action and suspense. My favourite scene must be when Creasy goes out to search for the kidnappers and when he finds one of them, he inserts a bomb inside him and threatens him to answer questions related to what happened an where Pita is before he dies.

Overall, I highly recommend this film and do not think you will be disappointed if you watch it.

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