Pinch a Piece of Heaven And Bring it Down to This Earth

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Everyone on this earth wants to be happy. He searches for this happiness in all possible sources. But what is happiness? Religions say that heaven is the place which is full of happiness. They direct people to go to heaven. Is there happiness on this earth itself? Is it possible to find heaven on this earth itself?

In search of happiness most of us are on the run. Bits of happiness that we try to trace out from momentary pleasures and things disappoint us. We are exhausted and frustrated. Why all this? Is it our selfishness to retain every little happiness that we get as our own?

Is there a heaven?

Everyone believes in heaven. With most of us it is not just a matter of faith either. We taste a bit of this heavenly happiness at times on this earth. The glorious natural world around us fills us with this bit of heavenly experience. Sometimes, our acts of love give us the taste of this heavenly happiness. There are people who bring a bit of heaven to this earth every day. How do they bring this bit of happiness to this earth?

Where can we find heaven?

It is in love and gratitude. It is volunteering in acts of love which are revealed in deeds of charity. It is in extending our love to others forgetting our selfishness. It is in extending our grateful heart to others for every little action of love that is exposed in good deeds. It is by making this earth smile at all through acts of green life.

Let us find heaven in love and gratitude

By thanking people of benevolent heart we can bring heaven on this earth.

Hence let us thank all the people who pick up the trash off the ground and plant trees and flowers in its place. Let us thank every parent who spends the day hard at work and then goes home and makes the time to play with and read to their kids. Let us thank every kind heart who has ever taken in and loved a stray dog or cat. Let us thank every person who has ever opened his/her purse or wallet and given to a charity not out of duty but out of love. Let us thank everyone who has ever offered a ride, opened a door, or shared a smile with a stranger. Let us thank every good Samaritan who has stopped along the way to help a person in need. Let us thank every gentle heart that has shared its laughter, encouraged a friend, or inspired another soul. Let us thank every single person who has tried to make this world a little better through what he/she does. Let us thank every soul who not only knows the words “Love your neighbor as yourself” but also tries to live them as well.

Let the heavens be brought to this earth so that the earth may turn into heaven.

The Christians pray in the Lord’s Prayer “Thy kingdom come.” It means that the heaven should be brought on this earth, filling it with all happiness. God does not just want each of us to reach heaven sometime in future. But in reality, He also wants each of us to bring a little heaven down here to earth as well.

Jesus told, “The kingdom of God is not coming with signs to be observed; nor will they say, ‘Lo, here it is!’ or ‘There!’ for behold, the kingdom of God is in the midst of you.” (Luke 17:20-21)

Pinch a bit of heaven and keep it on this earth

We can make this earth a heaven by doing our best to love and be loved, to care for others and the world around us, to create joy rather than sadness, and to help everyone we can at every chance we get.

Let us do our best to let God’s love live through us. Then we will already be in the heaven, because we will be carrying a bit of heaven with us wherever we go.


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