Searching For The Fountain of Youth

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The quest for the Fountain of Youth has been in process for centuries. Nobody wants to get old and die, we want to live forever. This fountain of youth is somewhere, once you find it, all you have to do is step into the water and you will live forever. Movies have been made with the subject of the fountain of Youth as the main plot. The latest of these types of movies is called Pirates of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides starring Johnny Depp and new mother Penelope Cruz. The movie should be cool and the story-line about the fountain of youth is indeed interesting and thought provoking.

There are other stories about living-forever which have been told throughout the history of the world. Vampire and Werewolf movies are some of the most popular around. Fans are intrigued about evil creatures that can live forever or nearly forever. This is the other side of the fountain of youth theory. Instead of a powerful (magical) water we have power in the blood of an incredibly powerfully vampire. Incredibly, this thousand-year-old vampire is usually a handsome man-like creature who can easily lure women into his harem. The problem is, this vampire can always be killed or one way or another.

The problem with the fountain of youth, vampires, werewolves and other creatures that live forever is they are not real. All of these stories are ideas that are developed in the mind of humans who have an incredible imagination. These books, stories and movies about the fountain of youth keep our attention because all of us want to live forever as youthful human beings. Who in their right mind would want to grow old, wrinkle up like a prune and finally die?

The quest for the fountain of youth is not over. The fountain of youth is true and it is an incredible gift. All the stories are true, we will live forever. I know, now you get to the point of the story when you believe the author is completely out of his mind. I just told you the fountain of youth is a farce. However, I have seen the fountain of youth and I long to see it again. It is not a figment of your imagination, it is real.

There was a man who lived thousands of years ago. This man taught the world about a place where we would all live forever. Actually, he told of two places where all people would spend eternity. Those who followed him would live forever in a place more beautiful to completely describe. The other people would live in another place forever, but they would be tormented forever by creatures more horrible than our imaginations can comprehend. Call them vampires and werewolves if you will, I call them Satan and his minions.

This man died upon a cross as a sacrifice to forgive the sins of the world. This man defeated Satan and his minions and made it possible for all the people of the world to live forever in heaven. Those who do not follow Him will go to another eternal place called hell and they too will live forever. Many people call this an eternal death because it is not a fun place. Look at it as being a vampire and dying a horrible death each minute, hour, day, week, month and year forever.

The quest for the fountain of youth will go on forever. Many of us have found it in Jesus, but others still don’t understand the significance of the man from Nazareth. All you have to do is follow him and he will lead you to the fountain of youth or heaven where you will live forever.

You get excited about the movies about the fountain of youth. You think to yourself wow, wouldn’t that be incredible to live forever. The problem is you have had the fountain of youth in front of you for thousands of years and you have ignored the savior. You argue that there has to be another way to eternity, there has to be another road. The problem is there is only one road to the fountain of youth and that road begins with Jesus, he will lead the way. Yes, your road will lead to eternal life, but it’s not the fountain of youth. Instead your road leads to an eternal life where you will continue to die over and over again, forever. There is only one man who has power in his blood and that man’s name is Jesus. Follow my quest for the fountain of youth and live forever.  


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