Wedding Etiquette: Thank You Notes

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Even with many personal touches being placed on weddings today as well as many brides and grooms thinking outside of the box, there is still one element that remains the same then and now and this is thanking guests for the gifts people were so thoughtful and gracious in giving to you and your new spouse. Follow the next tips for proper wedding gift thank you notes:

* Never, never use pre-printed thank you notes. Always hand-write and personalize each one. This lets the recipient know you sincerely appreciated what they gave you.

* Stick to using a black or blue ink instead of colored pens since this is easier for everyone to read. 

* Don’t forget those people who gave you showers or those who planned parties for you. Be sure to send them a thank you note immediately after the event.

* An appropriate time to send out thank you notes for the wedding gifts you received is within two weeks from returning from your honeymoon. 

* Send thank you notes as soon as possible to those who gave you wedding gifts before the actual day. 

* Always mention the item you received when writing the thank you note. An example might look like this: Don and I sure thank you for the lovely crystal vase and will cherish it for many years to come, thinking of you each time it is filled with beautiful flowers. 

* When receivng money for a wedding gift, mention in the thank you note how you intend to spend it. An example might look something like this: Don and I were delighted with your most generous wedding gift and plan on adding it to the money we have been saving to purchase a home. 

* If you or your spouse made a change in residence after the wedding day be sure you put the correct address on the envelope so the recipient will then have it. 

* Some brides get their thank you notes organized and ready to go before the big day by purchasing the cards they  plan on using, a roll or two of postage stamps, and so forth. 

* It’s very helpful to keep a list of the gifts you receive along with the name of who gave it to you. This works exceptionally well for those gifts you receive before your wedding day since there isn’t a gift register available until the big day.  

* Having pre-printed return address labels made to use on the thank you notes can be a terrific time saver. Placing these on each envelope along with a postage stamp ahead of time can also help with getting all of them out in time.   


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