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Terry Leather owns a car show room and he is also a petty criminal. He owes money and is on the verge of loosing everything if he cannot pay the money back soon. His luck changes though when he meets up with old friend Martine Love who has an interesting proposition for him.

She suggests that they rob a bank, she has details of the security system which is going to be off line for a few days and thinks it is the perfect crime. Little does Terry know that she has an ulterior motive for wanting to rob the bank.

Terry gets his team together to rob the bank and they make a start, things seem to be going very well but will Terry discover the ulterior motive Martine has and if they are successful just what lies ahead for them?

I have only given a very brief plot outline for this film so don’t be put off by it being basic as there is so much more to be discovered from watching as a few good side line stories which all blend into a very entertaining outcome. I was really looking forward to watching this film as the trailers made it look good and there was also the act it starred Jason Statham and I am a fan of his. Both me and hubby were not disappointed at all by this film, it had a great storyline which was made better as this film is based on a true event which happened. I have to say at the start of the film I did get a little confused as we met several different people from gangs and I really struggled to see how they all connected and fitted into the story but don’t be put off by this and keep at it as it does all soon come together.

The acting from all involved was very good. Jason Statham took the lead role of Terry and I felt he did a great job. There was not much difference from the usual hard type characters he played but for me the added element of his wife and children made us see a softer side of him and I did think this was a good inclusion in the film. He delivered all of his lines with ease and I felt he was great in the action scenes and was effortless in the fighting scenes. He worked well with all of his co stars and in particular Martine Love. There was a constant chemistry between them both and I felt this added to the story as I also had the feeling of will they get together or not. Martine was played by Saffron Burrows and she too was great in her role. She was strong and independent but she always came across as hiding something and I enjoyed seeing how this unfolded on screen.

All of the co stars were entertaining and easy to watch, we had a good mix of people and I found them all to be likable and the actors did a good job in their roles, some of the actors included, Stephen Campbell Moore, Daniel Mayes, Michael Jibson  and Richard Lintern.

The setting for the film was the 1970’s and I did find this to be a good choice. The clothes we got to see were fun and quite funky but not over the top, there was a subtleness to them and I did find this worked very well. The props and sets were all very good and in keeping with the era of the film. I did find the cars to be a good highlight of the film as they were quite funny to see the style of but I did have to suffer hubby telling me the names of them all. I think this film would have been just as good set in the present day but I did enjoy the setting we got as there was a distinct lack of modern technology and equipment and I felt it was more fun to watch them struggle and work with the basic things they had.

There is some action in the film, this is mainly towards the end, it is not the usual action packed film you would expect from Jason Statham but I think the film would have been slightly far fetched if more was included, it was a good balance how it was. There were a few small special effects used in the film and they did fit effortlessly into the film and were very subtle. I think the soundtrack was good and enjoyable and worked well with the story but I would have perhaps liked a few more of the more popular songs from this era to have been used. I would not personally buy this soundtrack but I felt it worked for the style of film.

I liked how basic the film came across and think this helped me to believe that it was based on true events. I also enjoyed the fact that at the end of the film we got to read about the outcome for the real people involved in the back job. I felt this was a very fitting end to the story and for me it helped with the realness of what I had just watched.

This is a film only review so there are no bonus features to speak about. The running time of the film is 111 minutes and when watching I thought it was going to be quite slow as the bank job seemed to happen quite quickly but after this initial thought I felt it moved at a good pace as there was so much happening and if it would have been speeded up I would have lost track of the events. The rate is a 15 and I do agree with this, there is a lot of swearing and some of the scenes do involve mild torture and brutal violence. The DVD is widely available and can now be bought for under £5.

I am more than happy to recommend this film and give it the full 5 stars. The storyline was great and this was helped with the fact it is based on a true event, the acting was also of a high standard. This is definitely one for all Statham fans to watch as we do get to see a softer side to him and also for those who are not fans of his, this is still a great entertaining film.

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