Maintain The Love And Passion Within Your Marriage

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it is really hard to maintain the attitude that we used to show our spouse when you are just starting your life together after marriage. You may have seem to have changed your attitude and have shown your true character as you both become comfortable with one another. However, one of you may have missed the way you were before. Often times, misunderstanding get in between the two of you that can lead to a less harmonious relationship.

Experts have shared their ideas on how to maintain the love and passion in married couples. In my last articles, I have already mentioned some of the tips. And to continue, here are the others:

  1. Spiritual connections — if you share a spiritual connection (i.e. subscribe to the same religious faith and both act in accordance with it), you are far more likely to be happy. Your motivations, goals and ideals will be in line.

  2. A time to speak and a time to keep quiet — know your partner well enough to know when speaking will be effective and when you need to give them time to cool off. By not allowing them this dignity, your argument will escalate unnecessarily, which usually leads to hurtful, untrue words.

  3. Maintain a measure of independence — although it is vital to spend time together, it is also important to have a social life away from your spouse. Spending time with friends or indulging in a hobby will make you appreciate your time together even more. It will also make you more interesting to one another, and give you something to talk about.

  4. Laugh — be committed to laughing heartily at least once every day. This will force you to see the fun and humour in situations and will give you the permission to relax a little.

  5. Remember the small things — many couples become ‘comfortable’ with one another, feeling it is no longer necessary to be polite or courteous. This is not true. These things, which may seem small, remind our partner that they are loved and worthy of respect.

  6. Being right isn’t that great — if you refuse to apologise because you are determined to prove that you are right, you are going to sacrifice happiness. Being happy is more important that being right. This might mean having to eat a giant slice of humble pie at times, but it is all worth it in the end, when your spouse reciprocates and appreciates your efforts.

  7. Never forget the passion — the only thing that sets your relationship with your spouse apart from that you share with friends and family is that it is (or should be) sexual in nature. Therefore, do what you need to do to keep this aspect of your marriage fun, exciting, engaging and full of love for both of you.

It would be best that you have friends around so can have have shoulders to lean on if time comes that you are not able to fathom the situation. Those friends may have been you maid of honor or bridesmaids on your wedding day, who truly understand and know almost your entire life story.  


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