How Can You Be Your Boss' Favorite

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Every boss has a favorite employee. Whether you like it or not, it can be true and it happens in many work places. You may not notice it at times most especially if you are lucky enough to be the one whom he likes. Ethically, bosses should not be like that. But nobody can deny that it is a natural human instinct. Even you have favorites, don’t you? Like, a favorite co-worker, favorite friend and favorite family member. In contrary, you yourself would want to be their favorite. Most especially at work, it matters a lot for you to be your boss’ favorite employee.

If you are fatefully destined at a work place where you got a boss who is fond of favoritism, you have to cash on this opportunity to be that person. How? Here are my simple tips to box it.

  • Spend more time with your boss. If your are free only and he is too. Trying too hard can possibly opt you out from the list that instead of delighting your boss would instead annoy him of your presence.

  • Be the person whom he can trust. I do not only refer to job-related topics but also even on his personal life. Be more open to him and be open as well to hear his side most especially those things that he can relate as well. Winning his sympathy can help you on the way of being liked by your boss.

  • Be the best at work. On the job delegated or assigned to you, try to finish it ahead of the deadline but are surely as accurate as possible he wants the output would be. Being consistent on your designated work matters a lot up to the extent that you will be able to earn his trust.

  • Be cool. Control your temper no matter how pressured you are to meet the expectations. Manage to smile to everyone around you and extend some greetings like a simple “how are you”, “you look great today” or “good morning” does a great impact. Not only your boss will like you for being this way but everybody at work. Small gifts can also help.

If ever you have coined your goal, be the same person still, as what your colleagues used to be with you. Don’t flash this out proudly in front of your colleagues. Don’t acknowledge this news in front of anyone and try to be reticent, modest, and humble. Let it be known as you receive your recognition reward on your acknowledgment day.

To get to be the favorite, one has to depend on skill, hard work, talent, taking initiative, etc. One has to be loyal, team player and boss appreciating to get more opportunity, exposure and learning. You should never depend on buttering up, blandishing, servility, and sycophancy. Do not strive so hard to become the favorite of your boss up to the extent that you become a dirt ball for your colleagues. If you genuinely deserve because you are efficient, dependable, and honest, then your colleagues will abide with it.

The most important person who can help you in your career growth and learning, at work, is your boss. Whatever he says, good or bad, about you, definitely has an impact on your career growth because career growth is more than working hard, meeting deadlines, being dapper, and diligent. Most often, to get a promotion and increment in any organization, you need to be in good books of your boss.


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