Dove Cool Moisture Lotion

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When I was younger, I didn’t care so much about lotions and moisturizers, but I suppose age and wisdom has caused me to give these type of products another chance.  That’s one of the reasons why I tried out Dove Cool Moisture Lotion not so long ago.

Dove Cool Moisture Lotion is promoted as a 24 hour Nutri-Serum.  The variety I had was for normal skin and was a cucumber and green tea mix.

Green tea?  That seemed odd to me, to be honest.  The cucumber wasn’t a big surprise, but I’m not even a tea drinker, so having the green tea as part of this product definitely wasn’t anything that I expected.

I did very much like the product for a few reasons.  For one thing, I loved the smoothness of the lotion.  It was creamy and felt very good against my skin.  It was also refreshing.  The “cool” in name truly applies as that is how it felt to me.

Applying Dove Cool Moisture Lotion to my skin was a marvelous experience precisely because of that refreshing feel.  I could also smell the scent, and it was very appealing.  It made the entire application process a pleasure and one that I wished I could spread out to last longer.

In my view, using Dove Cool Moisture Lotion did make my skin feel better.  The product’s hydration ingredients worked for me during the time that I used it.

Fortunately, this lotion can be applied as often as desired, so that fresh and cool feeling can be brought back often.

I actually have no complaints about my usage of Dove Cool Moisture Lotion.  It did everything that the package claimed it would, and I had a good time using it.  My skin both felt and looked better to my mind’s eye, and I can still catch a scent of that aroma.  The green tea may be odd to me but with the cucumber it did create a very nice punch.

Now for the bad news.  Dove tests on animals, so in spite of the fact that it’s a great product, I won’t buy it.  I cannot condone abusing animals for a moisturizer.  It’s just not right.


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