Hawaii 5-0: Oia'i'o

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I’ve very much enjoyed this first season of the re-think of CBS’ highly successful Hawaii 5-0 drama.  On the whole, the producers have done a good job of maintaining the 5-0 legacy while giving the 2010-2011 version an edge.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t so thrilled with the cliffhanger finale, entitled Oia’i’o.

Please be advised that this review is full of spoilers, so if you don’t want to know some of the details, I wouldn’t advise reading on.

Several things disturbed me about Hawaii 5-0: Oia’i’o.  Among them is just how crazy and off-center the team got.  In what felt like a minute, Steve McGarrett was acting like a lunatic while Chin Ho seemed to forget who his best friends were.  It was over the top.  Worse, instead of coming up with something really refreshing, they did the old switcheroo where the governor ends up being the villain.  I practically yawned through that.  It was supposed to be a surprise and a shock, but to me, it was so darn predictable that it made me yawn.

Then there is the villainous Wo Fat, who keeps having about 30 seconds of air time.  If they are going to use the character, then use him.  Mark Dascacos has been so wasted in these little teasers.  In the original series, Wo Fat had whole episodes and then we moved on until he was seen again. I wish they would do that here instead of making it a soap opera.

The absolute worst thing for me was seeing the relationship between Danny and ex-wife Rachel take a traditional turn.  I actually love them together, but while the relationship had been so beautifully developed until last week’s episode, it feels like it’s been rushed now and thrown into the frying pan.  Though it didn’t happen, I actually expected her to be killed in the Wo Fat mess.

I don’t know what happened inside CBS and the producers’ office, but something went very wrong in these final two episodes of the first season.  As I said, this is a cliffhanger so the opener of season two will extend this.  With two 5-0 members in jail, one acting like a traitor, and the other making his personal life secondary, it’s gone downhill.

I am ultra disappointed with this closer.


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