Cafe World on Facebook: Cafe Expansion Controversy

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Here’s everything you need to know about the new Café World requirements if you want to expand your café beyond the first few remodeling options.

Café World on Facebook Expansion Controversy: Keep Recruiting Those Neighbors

One thing that hasn’t changed in the café expansion model is if you want to continue to expand your café for free on Café World, you need to keep actively recruiting your friends as neighbors. For example, if you want to unlock and expand your café to the plentiful café dimensions, you need at least eight neighbors.

Café World on Facebook Expansion Controversy: Café Cash

If Café World users find themselves in the unfortunate situation where they don’t have enough neighbors to expand their café, they may elect to pay cold hard cash out of their pocket to unlock the next expansion level with Café Cash. Previously, Café World offered users the option to pay a premium price in cafe coins to unlock an expansion level if they were lacking enough neighbors to expand.

What’s the difference? Simple, cafe coins are earned by prepping and serving your dishes, so you could be saving for an expansion during normal game play. Although it might have taken longer, expanding your café with cafe coins only required you to make time to play Café World, without having to plunk down your credit card.

Zynga makes it very easy for people to add more Café Cash to their account with a convenient PayPal set-up and different payment levels, depending on the amount of cash you want to spend.

Café World on Facebook Expansion Controversy: The Real Deal

The reason why this new set-up is causing such a stir is that there is no other way to earn Café Cash other than to buy it. There are numerous offers from advertising partners that pay in cafe coins, but none that earn Café Cash.

For the price of just one café expansion in Café World, players could subscribe to an online gaming service instead and get an entirely new game each month. Zynga Games may be in for a surprise when people run out of potential neighbors to invite, and people start to become less enthusiastic about Café World because they can’t afford to keep upgrading their café.


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