Cafe World on Facebook: Cafe Cooking Tips

Café World on Facebook Cooking Tip #1: Keep Hidden Costs in Mind

Every time a dish has finished cooking and is served, you will need to pay 15 cooking coins to clean the stove the dish was on before being allowed to use the stove again. The cost of cleaning should be factored into your overall profit margin when playing Café World.

For example, if you are making chips and guacamole, the dish will yield you 12 servings and a gross profit of 36 cooking coins. The cost to procure the dish is 10 cooking coins and when you factor in the cost of cleaning the stove, you are left with a net profit of only 11 cooking coins total.

Café World on Facebook Cooking Tip #2: Manage Your Time

You may want to start dishes that require more cooking time first thing in the morning so you can serve them by the end of the day. Also, for dishes that take 12 hours to cook such as the triple berry cheesecake, you may want to start them in the evening so they will be cooking while you sleep and be ready to serve when you log in to Café World in the morning.

Cooking bulk combinations of dishes that will be ready at the same time will decrease the amount of log-ins needed to maintain your café in Café World.

Café World on Facebook Cooking Tip #3: Say Yes to Pot Roast and Chicken

Dishes that yield more portions may take one or two days to cook. Many people are put off by this because they don’t want to wait. Big mistake! These foods will yield greater profits in Café World and keep hungry diners satisfied while you are away from your computer.

When cooking larger dishes, it is recommended that you don’t use all the available stoves. Keep a few free in case you want to make some fruit salad on your lunch hour.

Café World on Facebook Cooking Tip #4: Only Check in When you are Prepared to Make a Dish or When One has Finished Cooking

Checking in to see how things are going in Café World can become an addicting habit. However, it is best to only check in when you are ready to cook or have finished dishes to serve. If you check in and there is no food available to be served, your buzz rating starts to go down and will continue to decrease after you log off.

However, if you wait until food is finished to log in to Café World, your buzz rating will remain steady, even if no food has been served in several hours.

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