Choosing a Boarding Kennel

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Choosing a Boarding Kennel Tip #1: Get Personal Recommendations

Asking friends, colleagues or family for personal boarding kennel recommendations can give you an idea as to what kennels are the most popular. Make sure you ask what they value most about the kennel; some people are more concerned about price than level of care.

Choosing a Boarding Kennel Tip #2: Schedule a Tour

After deciding on a few different kennels that you would like to investigate further, call them individually to find out their policies on kennel tours. Some kennels only allow walk-through tours during certain hours. This is a fairly common practice and ensures the safety of owners, pets and employees while cleaning and feedings are taking place in the kennel.

While touring the facility, keep an eye out for anything that looks out of place. Seeing empty water bowls, soiled blankets or vermin and insects within the boarding kennel are red flags. Observe how the employees interact with furry “guests”. Are they playing with the pets or ignoring them? You want to make sure your pet will receive personal attention during their stay at the boarding kennel.

Choosing a Boarding Kennel Tip #3: Ask Questions

If your pet is on medication, ask if there will be any problems with administering the medicine while they are staying at the kennel. Find out if you are permitted to bring in personal belongings or your pet’s own food. Pet owners that will be leaving their pets for an extended stay might want to see if the boarding kennel offers extra playtime in exchange for a higher daily boarding rate.

Choosing a Boarding Kennel Tip #4: Emergency Preparedness

Ask the boarding kennel manager what steps will be taken if your pet becomes ill or is injured. Is there a veterinarian near by? Is the boarding staff trained in basic animal first aid?

What if your flight is delayed and you can’t pick up your pet on its scheduled departure date? Will the kennel be accommodating if this happens or will they require your pet to be picked up no matter what?

Choosing a Boarding Kennel Tip #5: Consider Your Pet’s Personality

If you have a boisterous lab who hates to be penned up, you might want to avoid kennels that only have small indoor runs. If your cat is not a socialite, you might want to re-think the kennel that allows multiple cats to come out of their cages at the same time.


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