Succeeding at Demand Studios

Here are some tips that will help writers succeed at Demand Studios.

Succeeding at Demand Studios Tip #1: Use Credible References

Unless you are a documented expert on the topic you are writing about, you will need to document references that contributed to the information you provided in your article. Government resources, educational institutions, medical facilities and professional associations are all considered reputable.

Wikipedia and any websites that are in direct competition with Demand Studios are not considered credible and using these will result in your article being sent back for a re-write or even rejected outright.

Succeeding at Demand Studios Tip #2: Weigh Re-Writes Carefully

Once your article is released for review it randomly ends up in the editing queue. If the editor who reviews your article doesn’t like how you phrased something or thinks your references don’t back up your factual claims, they may send it back for a re-write.

Re-writes are to be expected at Demand Studios and are nothing to get upset about. If the revisions the editor requested will take just a few minutes, complete them and re-submit the article.

However, if the editor is requesting that you re-write the entire article, you may want to think about abandoning the re-write and submitting the article elsewhere. Try to keep this to a minimum as Demand Studios does keep track of how many re-writes you abandon.

Above all, do not ever argue personally with an editor over a re-write. If you think the article does not require the changes the editor is requesting, contact the editorial team directly. They will assess the situation and make a decision regarding your appeal.

Succeeding at Demand Studios Tip #3: Write Right

Every article at Demand Studios is evaluated on grammar and spelling and scored. Submitting an article with typos, poor grammar and illogical sentence structure will dramatically hurt your score. If your score dips low enough, Demand Studios may decide to cut you from the writing pool.

Take time to proofread your work carefully and remember that spell check and grammar check do not catch all the errors that could be present in your document.

Succeeding at Demand Studios Tip #4: Get Familiar with the Requirements

Each article format at Demand Studios has different requirements. Familiarize yourself with these so you can ensure you are writing the format correctly.

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