Choosing Christian Counseling

Whether seeking counseling on an individual basis, as a couple, or as a family, the benefits of Christian counseling may outweigh the benefits of traditional counseling services.

Christian Counseling: A Balanced Perspective

One of the biggest benefits of Christian counseling is that your religious beliefs are discussed during your counseling sessions. This lends a more balanced perspective than traditional counseling services that normally do not dive into religious/spiritual beliefs.

Treating the mind/body/soul is more effective than treating the mind or body alone, which is the motto of most traditional counseling services. Christian counseling can open up new solution possibilities that focus on God.

Christian Counseling: You are not alone

Christian counseling services focus on the fact that no matter what your problem is, you don’t need to face it alone. God is infinite in his forgiveness and will walk with you on the road of recovery, holding your hand. God will help make you stronger as long as you have faith in him.

Focusing on God as the center of a solution/resolution can also help bring a family or partners together. Having a shared faith can make relationships stronger and instill a sense of togetherness that forges a bond that is hard to break.

Christian Counseling: Affordability

Most Christian counseling services are free through your local place of worship. Church leaders volunteer their time to help members of their congregation get back on the right path. Some workshops may incur a minimal fee, especially if they occur off-site.

Traditional counseling services are paid services and fees will vary based on where you live.

Christian Counseling: Convenience

Many Christian counseling services hold appointments during weeknights and weekends, so receiving help does not have to interfere with your work or social life. You choose which time would be most convenient for a counseling session at a worship center closest to you and you are ready to roll.

Traditional counseling services often have limited weeknight appointments and some providers are not even open on the weekends. This restricts the availability for the layperson to get an appointment that works within their schedule and doesn’t force them to take off of work.

Christian counseling services can be a great tool to help people through rough transitions, everyday life problems, addiction, marriage problems, and dysfunctional families. It is important to find a Christian counseling provider that you feel comfortable with. The person being counseled often gets back what he or she put into it, so if someone is not comfortable with Christian counseling, they may want to pursue traditional counseling services.

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