Seasonique Birth Control: My Personal Experience With Seasonique

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When I first heard about Seasonique, it sounded like a fantastic alternative to other traditional birth control pills. Most women would jump at the chance to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancy and only have four periods a year. Here is my personal experience of taking Seasonique for the past year. Always consult your doctor with any health related concerns or questions. This article is not intended to give medical advice.

Taking Seasonique

Seasonique is taken daily, just like traditional birth control pills. This was fairly easy for me to remember, although there were a few times where I was a couple of hours late and one time (in Vegas of course) when I forgot to take my pill completely. When taking the pill later than my scheduled time, I did experience some light cramping and break through spotting.

Seasonique’s Effectiveness

Seasonique is 99% effective at preventing pregnancy and it worked perfectly for me.

Seasonique’s Cost

Seasonique is dispensed in three month packs. This means that I had to pay the co-pay for all three months at the time I picked up my prescription. The cost for a three month supply of Seasonique after my insurance deduction was over one hundred dollars. Keep in mind that your cost may vary depending on your insurance and coverage. I had to budget carefully so I could afford the expense of Seasonique.

Seasonique Periods

My quarterly periods on Seasonique lasted four to five days with only one day of heavy bleeding.

Problems with Seasonique

The first nine months I was on Seasonique were uneventful. However, one I started my tenth pill pack, I began to experience problems. It started with minor cramping that happened a few times a week and quickly escalated to intense cramping that happened on a daily basis, sometimes lasting as long as an hour. I was finally able to schedule an appointment with my gynecologist, and she ordered an ultrasound to rule out endometriosis, cysts or fibroids.

Everything came back clear, except there was some thickening of my uterine lining. After discussing the results with my doctor, it was determined that my body was desperately trying to menstruate and that Seasonique might not be the best choice for me. I was given a prescription for a traditional birth control pill that produces once a month pill periods and will be transitioning over to the new pill as soon as this month’s packet of Seasonique is finished.

Seasonique is a unique birth control option for women, and I wish I didn’t have any problems with it. Always contact your doctor if you have any side effects from a new birth control pill, just to be on the safe side.


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