Metaphysical Gemstones:tektite

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Tektite is the group name for natural glass stones that can be found in the eastern hemisphere of the globe. Tektite stones have many metaphysical properties and are used in healing, meditation and other metaphysical practices.

Origin of Tektite

There are many theories about the origin of Tektite, but the accepted scientific theory is that Tektite samples were most likely formed when an asteroid or comet hit the earth’s surface with extreme force. This caused the earth’s crust to melt and portions of the crust were thrown out of the earth’s atmosphere. The crust then re-entered the earth’s atmosphere at a high velocity and scattered across the globe.

Types of Tektite

Tektite types are separated by the area they were discovered in. Moldavite is a tektite that comes from Central Europe. The majority of Moldavite in Europe has been found in the Czech Republic. Moldavite is also known as bottle glass, bouteillenstein, moldauite and vltavine.

Australites are forms of tektite that are found in both Australia and Tasmania. Australites are also referred to as obsidianite or Darwin glass.

Historical Uses of Tektite

Tektite has been used throughout history to create decorative carvings and tools. It has also been used to create the heads of walking sticks. Tektite stones have been used as talismans to ward off evil by cultures who considered them to bring protection and good luck.

Today Tektite is used as a focal point in pendants, earrings, and other forms of jewelry. Tektite can also be used in its raw form as a metaphysical tool.

Features of Tektite

Tektite normally appears to be green, brown, gray or black. Some tektite samples have been found to be colorless. Tektites are semi-transparent when held up to a light source. Tektite stones are normally less than two inches in length, but samples as long as six inches have been found.

The texture of tektite ranges from smooth to rough. Many tektite samples have been naturally etched by acids that were present in the soil where they were found.

Metaphysical Uses of Tektite

Tektite corresponds to all main energy portals or chakras in the body but is particularly helpful for cleansing the lower chakras. It can be used during meditation to expand consciousness and gain deeper insights into spiritual awakening and everyday situations. People who work with tektite may find it easier to sense dishonesty.

Tektite raises physical and psychic vibrations and strengthens the aura. Tektite is an excellent stone to use when experimenting with astral travel and lucid dreaming. It is also used as a physical healing stone.


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