Pedigree Jumbone Mega Chew

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As a long time dog owner, I’ve always purchased treats for the canines in my life.  Nowadays, I search for more healthy treats.  In truth, I’ve actually switched to carrots for the majority of the time, but on occasion I will still buy a regular dog treat.  One of these that I bought recently was the Pedigree Jumbone Mega Chew.

My dogs have enjoyed the regular Pedigree Jumbones a few times, but this was the first time for this Mega Chew option.  The one that was for sale was for small and medium sized dog.  The funny thing is that I’ve never seen the large size for either of these two products.  Since my dogs are borderline medium/large, I’d be curious to see what the large option looks like.

When I buy treats these days, I want them to be something that lasts for at least a minute.  I’m tired of those things that they scarf down in thirty seconds.  This item is promoted as being a “long lasting meaty chew” and that’s what I wanted.  Of course, the definition of “long lasting” is debatable and subjective, but for me, this met the criteria as my dogs laid down and focused on their treat for a bit.

The package highlights that the product is a healthier alternative to rawhides.  I agree that it is more digestible and no doubt safer, but as far as lasting a long time, the rawhides have that edge.  However, I prefer this item for the safety factor.  I wish it lasted another minute or two, but when you have dogs who devour treats, the couple of minutes it takes them to enjoy this works.

I like the packaging because it is concise.  There is just enough room for the two bones that fit inside it, so there is no waste in that regard.

The package has a warning about it being for adult dogs only.  That’s not very prominent on the package.  In fact, I called them about it and suggested they make that warning more prominent.  I was assured, though, that it was more about calories than anything else.

Regardless, my dogs liked this item and it lasted long enough to make me happy.


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