Lady Gaga, an Inspiration or a Confused Transforming Being?

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Like her or hate her, lady Gaga ensures that you notice her. Is she a free spirit or a tortured soul? Her music success goes together with her fashion and cannot be separated. Many of her fans crave her independence which allows her to be comfortable wearing things that would make many faint.

It is said that her relationship with the fashion industry is “complicated“. Many women in the fashion industry succumb to what the fashion gurus want, in the process losing their persona. If they are fat they have to lose the weight. If their hair is a particular way, it has to be the way the designer wants it.

Gaga on the other hand has tamed the fashion industry by calling the shots. Her fashion style needs are audacious and sometimes embarrassing. But in the process she is said to have liberated designers like Armani to be true to their creative powers without inhibition.

When Gaga appeared on the red carpet with a hoop-skirted, crystal studded extravaganza, in 2010, everyone was awe stricken. The experience is however said to have left Armani feeling positively elated stating that “true creativity knows no bounds. Life has an extra dimension made up of dream, pleasure, and irony”.

Gaga’s daring lifestyle is also said to have “opened doors” for her collaborator Nicola Formichetti, stylist and fashion editor responsible for the meat frock that Gaga wore at the MTV video music awards in 2010. Formicheti who now serves as the creative director of Thiery Mugler fashion designs with the responsibility of raising the French brand from its moribund state, something he says he does using the Gaga doctrine.

The question though is Gaga out to set a standard of dress or is she being herself? It would appear not for she has not popularized any major trends. Instead “she is the video vixen next door, a fashion shoot come to your street corner, performance art into your living room”.

Gaga appears to change her persona like a “tortured soul” searching for her identity in the midst of all that craziness. She is still in this writer’s opinion yet to identify herself. According to a sociologist professor at the University of South Carolina , Mathieu Deflem, Gaga style represents “liberation”. According to him, if Gaga does not remain static enough to be dissected, then “we will dissect ourselves dissecting her”.

Armani became enamored by her when he first saw her perform at the American Music award. According to him he was “struck by her extraordinary talent for writing music and her mastery of her own voice” and how she had “deliberately created a totally outlandish personality”. From then on Gaga inspired the designer and awakened his creative juices.

Armani says that “no other artist would give me the opportunity to design such original and way out creations”. AAccording to him “lady Gaga’s costumes are a pure creativity exercise that allows me to design spectacular almost surreal pieces”.

Well this writer thinks that Gaga is simply gaga or she is perhaps an instrument by powers behind her to transform thinikng.  She needs attention and she ensures she gets it by being melodramtic. Perhaps when she find herself she will be at peace with herself. For now she will continue to intrigue many while forcing others to be real though hopefully  not the gaga way.


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