Permanent Fat Loss Secrets Uncovered

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It is not surprising that you and millions of others are experiencing fat loss problems, despite efforts to correct them. When it comes to fat loss, you have been sold lies, half-truths and confusion. Many dieters fail to lose any significant weight, and alot of the ones that do, regain it back and then some. When you follow this information you should have no problem keeping the weight off permanently.

Your metabolism is complex with hormones and enzymes that converts food into fuel and determines how effectively it is burned. Your metabolism does other things too but what you need to know is that your metabolism determines how quickly you gain or lose weight. Having a poorly functioning thyroid and taking certain medications can affect your metabolism. The changes to metabolism in stressfull situations are essential. If these changes are maintained for a long period of time, your metabolism can be affected the wrong way. In times of stress adrenal glands are produced in large amounts. These high levels of adrenal glands that are produced cause a change in your body. You will feel alot of energy, and have a lower sensitivity to pain. These are good changes for a short time. The longer that your stress adrenal gland level is high, the more damaging it is to your health and the more fat your body holds. Excessive adrenal glands being produced can shrink your bone density and muscle mass. Muscle burns calories and it burns 2 times the calories than fat does. The last thing you want is to lose muscle mass.

One of the most ignored aspects of fat loss is not getting enough sleep. Sleep deprivation interferes with hormones which are essential to the control of appetite. If you have problems going to sleep, you can take a safe non addictive sleep aid or talk to your doctor. It is a fact that to lose fat you must consume less calories than you burn. Cutting calories is should be handled with care. Very low calorie diets usually have a greater weight gain after the initial weight loss. Avoid very low calorie diets, because they will make you larger. You should take some action into improving your sleeping habits and including more whole foods in your diet. These are important parts to improving your metabolism and speed up your fat loss. You must exercise as well as paying attention to the other things listed above. Exercise increases circulation throughout the organs and tissues and the extra blood feeds and nourishes the cells by bringing them nutrients. It also tones your body, reduces fat and increases muscle. The greater your lean body mass, the higher your metabolism will be running. High intensity exercises increase adrenal glands, promote muscle growth and reduce fat loss. During high intensity exercises, your body burns more carbohydrates. It also improves good cholesterol, sex drive, and memory. With so many diets out there to choose from, you really do need to choose a diet, based on a good strong foundation or it can set you back six months or more. I hope this information was helpful to people with these issues. When you follow this information you should have no problem keeping the weight off permanently. Thank you for reading and I hope everything works out for you.


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