Tips on How I Made a Constant $2,000 Every Week Last Year!

  Last year, as the market was rebounding from its temporary recession in 2008 many people were not even in the market because they were scared that they would lose as they did in 2008 when the market took a dive. I, on the other hand stayed in the market and held on to these 3 fundamental rules.

  The first rule: NEVER buy a stock that is over-valued and has a lot of long term liabilities. When searching for a stock look for one that is stable and has room for exponential growth. Many people made this mistake in 2008, because their greed overran their senses. This is how I ran into great stocks that skyrocketed from where I bought them.

  The second rule: NEVER EVER buy a stock that is on the run or rising rapidly. The chances are that it is only a fad and will take a nose-dive whenever the fad runs out. Althought there is only one exception to this rule that I know of is Apple Inc. or (AAPL). This is a great stock and I predict that it will continue to rise.

  The third rule: Most importantly, NEVER buy a stock if you don’t have the money “BUYING ON MARGIN”. This is the worst thing you could do, because if the stock was to go down, which they all do, you will be crushed and your stock account will be in a terrible position. ALWAYS look at the downside before considering to buy a stock.

These are the principles I used to make $2k each week in 2010. I worked straight from home, and if you are sick of your job and can be successful at this, go ahead. There is a lot of money to be made in the market and a lot of money to be lost. We must just use our knowledge and invest using informative and scholarly information. We need to do our “homework” on stocks before we rapidly just buy them and lose money. These 3 tips will be essential to the success of your stock fund. It is nearly impossible to make money without them. I hope all that read this will become aware that they will be much better investors if they stick to the financial rules that every investor should have but doesn’t.

 In conclusion, if you just use you’re common sense you could do very well in this volatile market we are in. Please take this advice and check out our ads on this page. I’d like to thank our sponsors and most of all the readers. Good Luck in the market!

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