Signature by Petmate Adjustable Nylon Collar

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This particular commentary deals with Signature by Petmate Adjustable Nylon Collar which I purchased recently for my black lab.  Her original collar had seen better days, and she was in need of a new one.

I decided to go to PetSmart to see what they had available.  I wanted a basic collar that looked nice, but which was also strong.  I haven’t bought anything from Signature by Petmate before that I can recall so definitely gave it a good think before actually acquiring it.

The size that seemed to be appropriate was the large one, but being adjustable was very important because my lab is, by weight, borderline between medium and large.  She’s about 50 pounds, give or take a few pounds at any given time.  I think of her as medium, but when I buy things for her, sometimes I have to get the large.  She is just right on the edge and it is often better to go over than under.

The tag indicates that this large collar fits necks from 18 to 26 inches and that it’s good for dogs up to 90 pounds.  The collar does adjust easily, but at the same time, sometimes I find these to be confusing.  I always have to start working on it a couple of times before I get it to be exact.  Also because my dog is borderline, there is a lot of ‘doubled’ collar and I’m not always certain that I like having all that around her neck.

This collar is one inch in width, which works well, and it’s a vibrant blue color that is a favorite of mine.  It has a nice sheen and stands out, which is how I like it.

What I haven’t liked, however, is how difficult it is to clasp the collar.  These black clip closures are common these days, and I like them overall.  This one, though, is the worst I’ve ever had in actually being able to unlatch and latch the collar.  I don’t know if it is in how this clip was constructed or what, but it’s hard to maneuver.

Otherwise, this was a good buy.


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