Bad Luck – Can You Avoid It?

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My grandmother would always tell me not to jump over my little brother when he’s laying on the floor because that can cause him to shrink, and my mother would constantly remind me that if I stared into the mirror for too long I would lose my sanity. Growing up in the middle east in a small city in Syria has taught me all the different ways of avoiding misfortune and bad luck there, but when I came to the united states as a little girl I realized that Americans believe in different superstitions. As an adult I’ve always been curious about how we as educated intelligent adults could believe in such utter gibberish, but out of curiosity I decided to look into some of  the major countries around the world and find out what they believe causes BAD LUCK, and to also list some of the beliefs that I grew up with. I can’t begin to explain why people believe in these things, but what I can say is that people take avoiding bad luck very seriously. 

Superstitions around the world:

Middle East

   In my culture it is bad luck for a bride to see another bride for the first forty days of her newly married life, because it can cause a bride to have difficulty conceiving. So what’s a poor bride to do if she happens to see her friend who also happened to have gotten married the same week at, let’s say, the hair salon. Not to fret, my grandmother says just exchange hair pins under the open sky and all will be well.

A woman that just had a baby may not visit another woman who also just delivered because it will bring the newborns bad luck. If this were to happen then they must wash their undergarments together.

A woman who is menstruating may not sit on the bed of a woman who just had a baby or else the baby will get a bad skin condition like eczema

A person may not cut their nails at night unless it is done in the bathroom

Before throwing out bread you must kiss it

A pregnant woman has to eat anything she craves or else her baby will have a beauty mark in the shape of the food that she craved


If you break a mirror you will have seven years of bad luck

You can’t walk under an open ladder or you will have bad luck all day

If a black cat crosses your path you will have bad luck

Friday the 13this the unluckiest day of the year


It is bad luck to sweep your house on new year’s day because you are sweeping away good fortune

it is bad luck to use a knife or scissors on new year’s because it may cut away good fortune

The unluckiest number is four

Owning a pet turtles a pet brings bad luck for your business


One may not put a loaf of bread on the table upside down

One may not place a hat on a bed

When toasting someone you have to look them in the eye or you will have seven years  of bad sex


Tuesdays are unlucky

Killing a white rooster will bring bad luck

Seeing a white owl might lead to death

So if you happen to be having a really unlucky day don’t blame yourself for it, with so many things out there that can cause misfortune, bad luck is simply unavoidable. 


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