Importance of Monitor Calibration in Print Graphics

There are thousands or even million of companies nowadays are engage in printing industry worldwide.  These companies are in different line of products industry like newspapers and magazines, labels, signage, promotional products, apparels, and many more. Graphics software, printing machine and monitors are some of their daily tools that make their company working.

Big companies are familiar with these monitor calibration method, but this is not used in some small companies and freelance graphic artists.

Monitor calibration is a method of adjusting your monitor color profile into a real or actual color in the print results. What you see is what you get as they said. This means that what colors that you can see in your computer monitor is approximately 90% of its color will be the result in the actual printed material.  Monitor calibration is necessary in some printing companies using offset printing methods. These companies uses color separations method for their printing plates. Nowadays many large printing companies use these monitor calibration method already.

Monitor calibration uses an apparatus and software to adjust the color of your computer monitor. Monitor calibration apparatus will automatically adjust the computer monitor color based on the lightness and darkness of the light on your working area. Meaning working area is a large factor in the adjustment of your computer monitor color profile calibration.

Monitor brands and models also affects the color display output and monitor color profile,  but when the monitor calibration software was already installed in your computer it will automatically adjust the output colors in your computer monitor even you change your monitor unit. Monitor calibration software also automatically adjust depends on the light of your working area.

You can search online for companies who offered their services in monitor calibration. Some color separation companies offers free monitor calibration provided that you will hire them for your color separation jobs. For large printing companies you can do monitor calibration in your own provided that you have kits and apparatus in monitor calibration. Monitor calibrations kits available online including the software.

Computers that already installed with monitor calibration software will automatically adjust the color upon your computer startup. Remember that when you reformatted your computer you will install the software and calibrate your monitor again.

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