How to Choose The Right Moving Service

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Whenever you are faced with relocating it is likely that you will need to hire movers. Moving is a stressful event. This stress does not need to be compounded when finding and hiring a moving service. Before hiring any mover, do an assessment by walking through these steps to help you choose which mover to use.

Define what the nature of your move is. Is it local or long distance? Certain movers specialize in one or the other or both.

Find out if they offer a clearly written contractual agreement? Never deal with a company that is unable or unwilling to provide a clearly writing contractual agreement.

Check to find out what in included in the moving services? You will want to know if their service includes such things as: packing, insurance for valuables, large/heavy items, etc.

Ask if storage an option? You may need to send your possession in advance of your actual move and will need a place for storage until you are able to have them delivered to the final destination.

Do a thorough check with the BBS (Better Business Service). A simple phone call could end up saving you a lot of money and grief.

Get the details of what and how you’ll be charged.  You’ll want to know things like: hourly rate, mileage, weight, fragile and valuables, etc.

Ask about policies regarding delays, damaged goods, missing items. Be sure to get these policies in writing.

Find out if their business is licensed and DOT (Department of Transportation) approved? Don’t take their word for it; ask for documentation and or check with local authorities for verification.

Request a copy of their TOS (terms of service). It should include issues such as: method of payment, refund policies, cancellation policies and procedures, etc. Take the time to read the fine print.

Compare the prices of qualified and bona fide moving services.

Advice – If you need a planner to assist you in the move, check with the local movers to find out if they provide one. Be aware that there may be an addition fee for this service.


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