Thyroid Dysfunction Symptoms

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Regulation in vital organs in the body by the glands that control the functions through the release of hormones and other chemicals. Thyroid is one of these, each headed by a job almost from the body. This butterfly-shaped gland, located in the throat take care of the metabolism of food to produce energy, and regulates body temperature. Vital hormones produced by this gland, thyroxine T4 and triiodothyronine T3, is responsible for the organization and functions of the body. Levels of these hormones must be balanced, because the concentration or decrease in the levels that can lead to cognitive problems that can end with a failure of the thyroid. Thyroid problems can occur in women and men lead to hypo-or hyperthyroidism. Observed since this problem can also end, and thyroid cancer, it is necessary to control the level of the thyroid gland in the body, and make any changes to the physician to report. Here we discuss about the symptoms of thyroid abnormalities observed in women and men.

Symptoms of thyroid dysfunction

It was noted, and thyroid problems are more common in women compared with men.
Symptoms of thyroid dysfunction in women and men almost equal. Here are some of the symptoms of thyroid dysfunction, as indicated in the individual suffering from thyroid disorders. Symptoms are similar in almost exaggerated, and thyroid.

    * Fatigue, which is a sign of pollutants, there is something wrong with the thyroid gland is one of the first signs of thyroid dysfunction. Is the sudden appearance of fatigue, almost one person gets tired, even after doing small tasks.
    * Another sign of a common thyroid disease, as indicated in men and women, an abnormality in the body weight. The individual may find it difficult to increase or lose weight, even after taking the necessary measures. Can also be unexplained weight loss or gain noticeable in people who suffer from thyroid normal.
    * People who suffer from thyroid disorders also notice hair loss. Men may lead to baldness or hair loss pattern. Women can also find tufts of hair loss during combing. Changes in the texture of the hair, meaning dry, rough and brittle and has also been noted.
    * Another problem associated with thyroid dysfunction, changes in the psychological behavior of the person. Depression, mood swings, no specific reason for some common complaints of those persons.
    * Is the imbalance in hormone levels cause a low libido or low sex drive, which is also often said. May be influenced by other hormones in the body and cause other problems such as irregular menstruation abortion, infertility is cycle (in men and women) were seen.
    * Can a natural hormone levels in the body kills the muscles and joints. And can cause tire wear and tear easily, can cause muscle weakness and aching joints. The symptoms of this condition include muscle cramps and spasms, stiff joints, carpal tunnel syndrome Uttar etc.

Thyroid Dysfunction: Treatment

Although it causes some problems in the system of the body, the good news is that thyroid dysfunction is a disorder can be treated. A simple blood test is all that is needed for the level of thyroid hormones in the body to determine. If the results show that the person already suffering from thyroid disorders, and care will be allocated to the endocrine glands. The physician can not opt ​​for a thyroid iodine uptake scan or ultrasound to monitor the performance of the gland to diagnose. In some cases there may be a need for needle biopsy to document control. Hypothyroidism, doctors can prescribe medication to increase the levels of hormones. The management of an overactive thyroid, and drugs like methimazole and propylthiouracil to control the thyroid hormones to keep. It can also restrict the diet proposed to return to normal.

To monitor the optimal levels of thyroid hormones in the body, and a control of thyroid problems in keeping, it is necessary to undergo routine blood tests. There are changes in diet and lifestyle also help to prevent the formation of these glands to reduce anxiety.


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