Anxiety And Caffeine

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Anxiety is associated with caffeine since it is one side effect to watch out for by a person who takes excessive daily amount of caffeine. As caffeine is known to be a stimulant to the brain, a person who takes in so much can stay awake and can be always on the go. It has a milder effect that of heroin, amphetamine and cocaine over the brain as it passes through the same path way as these prohibited drugs do. It works to boost energy. It awakens supposedly sleeping nerves causing a person to get easily irritated when he or she is unable to get the desired outcome of a situation.

Anxiety can be a major problem. It brings about nervousness even though there’s no need to be nervous. It causes a person to worry too much when there’s nothing to be worried about. Anxiety attack is unhealthy. It can leave a person’s health palpitate too much making him or her run of breath while imagining worst case scenarios of things that are unlikely to happen.

Other side effects of coffee associated with anxiety are heart palpitation, headaches, nausea and vomiting. Too much worrying can make an anxious person’s heart palpitate too much making the irregular heartbeat cause heart ailments in the long run such as heart failures. Headaches are not only brought about by lack of sleep, it can also be caused by being too much anxious that leaves no room for rest. Nausea is also a result of either too much thinking or lack of sleep. There may be a lot of factors affecting a person of being nauseous and too much caffeine intake is one of them.

Anxiety signals panic disorders and too caffeine intake can trigger this. If you are already an anxiety sufferer, then too much caffeine intake can make your anxiety attacks increase even more. This will not only endanger your health but as well as put you at greater risk especially when you are out on a busy street when the anxiety attack suddenly happens. But of course, you also have to remember that caffeine is not the cause of anxiety, it only triggers more what you already have.

You can’t say that by eliminating caffeine intake will also eliminate anxiety disorders as this will not happen since as we know it, there are already a lot of factors which affect anxiety attacks. If you opt to completely eliminate caffeine, be sure to do it under a therapist’s advice to allow you to slowly withdraw without having rapid side effects due to withdrawal. If you happen to can’t really live without it, then moderation is what you have as your option.

Bear in mind that a healthy living eliminates anxiety. It will not only make you function well but also keeps your mind at peace. Caffeine does not need to be completely eliminated, but you can sure moderate your intake to avoid anxiety triggers!


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