Trinity of Food That Most Destroy Skin

French fries
In case that you have a problematic skin, you could have some troubles after consuming this tasty food prepared in a large amount of oil. That enormous oil may cause pore clogging and stimulate the production of rashes. Because of that is good to limit their intake of fat in the diet down to twenty percent. In the standard 2000 calories a day diet this would be about 400 calories derived from fat a day.

Nothing new under the sun, right? Each of us know how does her skin look like the next day after she floor the chocolate temptation. Some of us (including myself:) wake up with a face full of small rashes, e.g. Dermatological studies have shown that restricting foods high in glycemic index may reduce signs of acne even by fifty percent!

Chinese fast food
What is the danger of Chinese fast food? The Sodium. The Chinese fast food is often oversalted and supercharged by flavor accenting additives. This composition has several bad impacts to our health. They have dehydrating effect which destroys skin and can causes premature wrinkles. Be careful with high sodium content food to be within the recommended values. For the same reasons we recommend to avoid excessive drinking of coffe, black tea and alcohol.

The best choice for the healthy skin is not to experiment and stick to simple rule – a varied diet that is rich in vitamins and all other nutrients. Of course in a reasonable amount. Do not economize on apples, citrus, blackberries and grapes because they are excellent source of alpha hydroxide acids, which nourish the skin inside. Eat foods rich in antioxidants and vitamin E will keep skin fresh, smooth and youthful.

If you have some other similar experience with a specific kind of food, do not hesitate and share your experience with us! So that all of us could know about it and be aware against the wrong eating habbits. Because we know, that as many as possible comments, experiences and opinions we got as many times wisely we can decide to choose the best alternative to eat. 🙂

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