Why Trian Your Dog With An Electronic Collar

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The most significant issue about understanding how to work with an electronic collar for training any dog is acquiring accurate information to help guide you. Sadly, hardly any dog professionals have experience and expertise around actually using the gear so there’s a lot of falsehoods flying around.

One of the most widespread myth about using an electronic collar is that it is painful and thus will result in more harm than good all through the training. It is said that the “pain” the “shock collar” causes will create fearfulness, aggression or “break the dog’s spirit”. And obviously any dog lover would wish to steer clear of doing those things to their beloved pet.

The great news is all those myths and intimidating stories are the result of lack of edcuation. The advanced gear now available is safe, versatile plus humane. The modern electronic collar is actually a substantial training advantage because it enables you to gain the dog’s attention by way of a tap sensation rather than a zap.

Dog’s learn in much the same way people do. Through comparison. We are motivated to take action to enhance our conditions in life. Therefore we do things for just one of two reasons; either to get good stuff or make annoying stuff disappear. It is quite simple and in the case of the electronic collar it does not have to be painful simply a bit annoying in order to motivate a dog to make it go away. It indicates the electronic collar is a superb tool for teaching stuff like stopping a rambunctious pooch from pouncing all over guests.

It might appear difficult to imagine that the electronics don’t shock, but consider all of the digital technology we’ve got obtainable and realize that this is the very same pulse type sensation used in the human TENs Unit (Transcutaneous Electronic Nerve Stimulation)

The pulse can be annoying, but does not have to be painful. You might be questioning how could it change the dog’s behavior then? Well contemplate if you’ve ever had a stray hair stuck on your face. It keeps brushing against you and tickling your nose over and over. It’s not painful but it’s undoubtedly annoying enough that it motivates you to work to get a your hands on it and then finally make it go away.

The identical principle holds true when making use of low level stimulation with the electronic collar to teach a dog not to hop on folks. The pulsing taps can be employed in a tap, tap, tap technique to teach your dog that the annoying sensation disappears when all four paws are on the floor. It is far from brain surgery and it doesn’t take your dog long to make a comparison that the taps stop and the praise and doggie snacks begin once the feet are planted on terra firma.

Therefore the next time you hear just one of those alarming myths about electronic collars consider the source and bear in mind: “The greatest ignorance is to reject something you know nothing about”


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