Can Someone Help Toby?

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Can Someone help Toby?

One like TobyOne like Toby

.Toby lay with his head on his paws, wondering why his life was like this. He was out in a small square that could not even be called a garden, and he was a big black German Shepherd. He was left out here in all weathers, and there was nowhere to go for protection from the wind and the rain. In hot weather the sun beat down relentlessly on him, as there was no shade whatsoever.

When his master came in, Toby knew he would be let out in the street to wander, but he didn’t want to wander, he just wanted his master, who he would give his life for, to love him. Once he had been walked regularly, fed regularly, and life had been wonderful. His master had shown him some love, Toby had heard him say he was his guard dog, and he felt important, the loyalty for his master had made him protective, he would not allow anyone to hurt him.

Why did his Master change?

But his master had changed. He no longer walked Toby, sometimes forgot to feed him, so Toby tried to explain his distress by barking when he was left for hours. But then the neighbours had complained, so his master had shut him in the kitchen, which was even smaller, and sometimes he went all day without water. He had resigned himself to his fate now, but did occasionally whimper and howl because his life was nothing.

Even the joy at seeing his master return home was short lived, as he was virtually ignored, and he desperately needed love. How he wished he could be with a family with children, and play with them, and go for walks, if only he could, he would protect them for life. In spite of all this, he still loved his master, he didn’t know why, but that was all he had, and his life was nothing. He lifted up his head with one last howl of desperation. Did anyone care about him?
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