Too Much Guilt

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We are taught, right from our very early life, the difference between right and wrong. As a child, I always found it hard to deceive my parents, and if I had done something I knew was wrong, my conscience bothered me relentlessly, until for my own peace of mind, I owned up to it.

This is a normal reaction, and no matter what happens after, and how cross and upset the person you have done wrong to is, you know they will eventually forgive you, and you can both move on. It allows closure, and it is a good thing to have a conscience. It shows we do care about other people, and it gives us the opportunity to put our wrong right, and show remorse to the person we have offended or upset.

But often what happens in life is beyond our control

But what about when your conscience rears its ugly head when things happen that are out of our control? Someone I know looked after his elderly and frail mother with such devotion, but one day , she was taken into hospital very suddenly. He had left her for a few minutes to go to the shop, and she fell over and broke her hip. Things went from bad to worse in hospital, as due to her age and frail condition, she died suddenly. He was tormented with guilt that he had left her, and in his eyes, caused the accident, so his conscience gave him hell. The simple truth was, due to his care she lived much longer than she would have done normally, but eventually death claimed her, but through no fault of his.

Sometimes we all have to make hard decisions, which are for the best. Sometimes we have to change our lives to make them better, or change the life of someone around us to make it better for them, even if we would rather not. If our conscience plagues us, we must not allow ourselves to suffer. If we do something with the very best intentions, we should rise above our conscience because having too much conscience is almost as bad as having no conscience.

People who have a conscience are caring and considerate to others. Sometimes life does not turn out how you expect it to, but if you know you have acted in the best interests of all concerned, you have to let it go and move on. You did your best, no matter what your conscience says. Don’t feel guilty any more


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