Fujitsu Phone Dual-Boots Symbian And, Er,windows 7 Home Premium

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Japan, Fujitsu LOOX called futuristic new F-07C is designed to work both smart phones and mini-tablet pack for Symbian and Windows 7

Wait a minute! Windows 7? That the shock of a dual-boot your mobile device using the set of confusion, we’re not talking about Windows 7 Phone No, this baby fills a 32-bit version of Windows 7, the Japanese Home Premium, reports Engadget. That’s funny, because the open method of coordination to put it back in 1996.

The original specification for mentions a list of Atom 1.2GHz processor, so it would certainly be good to go running the latest Microsoft operating system, even if the compute-intensive functions such as Full HD playback is lacking. chip without a name is likely to be Intel’s Z760, which should be executed 1.5GHz.

Handset 2 cm thick has a 4-inch touchscreen fantastic procuring a 1024 x600 pixels (slightly higher than 16:9 widescreen) and a slide-out keyboard. Symbian works perfectly with the credentials multi-touch Windows 7 should result in using your phone as a mini-tablet is at least very possible, if not enjoyable.

Early video from the camera shows him sitting in a USB docking station, which means it could be used as a desktop replacement with a boost. It could end up permanently attached to its docking station, if the specifications are to be believed – in Windows 7-mode has a battery life of 2 hours. Apparently, the transition to Symbian phone mode when the battery is low. We guess users spend much time with Nokia a time best friend.

Has two cameras – a 5-megapixel snapper with face detection and autofocus, and an effort of 0.3 megapixels for video calls. It takes up to 32GB microSD cards

When in June or July launch date, the expected price of about € 540 to convert He never leaves Japan is another matter. We have already seen some interesting concepts from Fujitsu, but not in the UK market for its handsets.

In practical terms, we are not convinced to stick a full version of Windows on a smartphone as a measure is hot. Why not drop the antics of dual boot, Symbian launch and load it with the phone instead of Windows? Or better yet, Android?


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