Enemies Of The Heart

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Here are some daily habits can adversely affect cardiovascular health:

Watching TV

Sitting watching TV for hours, may increase the risk of heart attack and stroke even if you exercise regularly, by the lack of exercise will increase the amount of sugar and fat in the blood.

Harmony R. Reynolds, Director of U.S. Clinical Cardiovascular Research (New York, USA) advice: Whether sitting watching TV or working, you should also frequently travel and movement.

Hatred and depression

A study by Dr. Reynolds found that people who regularly have to work in stressful environment, the risk of cardiovascular disease is very high. If possible, find someone to talk out of your mind.

Alienate people

Sometimes alone is essential for health but live separately are not necessarily so. Many studies have shown that those with stronger attachment with family, friends and society are living longer and healthier.

Not exercise regularly

Doctors call this is syndrome at weekend. At weekend many people want to exercise with high intensity campaign, but those days are willing to abandon it.

Doctor Judith S. Hochman, in the heart of cardiovascular clinical research, said: “It is necessary when the exercise is to be slow and steady if not it will harm the cardiovascular system and health. ”

Drinking too much alcohol

Drinking too much alcohol increases the risk of high blood pressure, increased fat in the blood and heart failure. In addition, the calories in alcohol make you gain weight – one threat to cardiovascular health.


Overweight is one of the main causes of cardiovascular disease. Try to eat in moderation, avoid overeating and limit sugary drinks is a solution for obese people.

Eating too much red meat

Red meat contains saturated fat, and also much evidence that processed meats such as bacon, sausage increased risk of cardiovascular disease and colorectal cancers. Ideally, a diet, only about 10% is from animal foods, five servings of vegetables daily.

Smoke or live in tobacco smoke pollution

Smoking thickens the blood difficult to find and increase plaque buildup in arteries. And this is also seen in those who live in tobacco smoke pollution

Salty food

Salty foods can lead to high blood pressure. Eat light (only under 2.300mg sodium / day), read the sodium content in processed foods available. If you have high blood pressure, people over age 50 should eat only up to 1.500mg of salt per day.

And most important: if you can climb four stairs, but found no problems, suddenly one day you feel short of breath, chest tightness when climbing stairs were second – call your doctor immediately. Do not think that the author is just a small problem in the day.


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