How To Minimize Risk of Breast Cancer

Throughout the world, breast cancer is still included in the ranking of diseases that can cause death. Various attempts were made by health practitioners how so women can avoid or at least how to reduce the risk of breast cancer. 
Here are some healthy lifestyle is recommended by health practitioners to reduce the risk of breast cancer. 
1. Avoid Drinks Containing Alcohol 
Although alcohol is consumed in small amounts was found to increase also the risk of breast cancer. Drinks that contain alcohol such as sake, beer, wine, and liquor. 
2. Familiarize For Always Doing Sports 
By doing the exercise will strengthens your heart and can reduce the risk of breast cancer. Sports you can do is jogging, cycling, gymnastics tai chi, gymnastics, Qi Gong, or walking in the morning whiles exposed to a healthy exposure from the sun in the morning glow. Mild exercise is no longer necessary, it only takes 20 minutes just three days in a week or every day is also better. 
3. Strive Ideal Body Weight In 
A study at the University of Texas shows that there is a correlation among obesity and resistance to attack breast cancer. Or in other words, if you are obese (overweight) then you will be vulnerable once breast cancer. 
4. Avoid Eating Animal Products Containing Growth Hormone 
Animals are bred on farms for consumption, such as broilers. Suspected of growth hormone that is injected into the body of broilers can lead to cancer, including breast cancer. 
5. Do Not Try To Smoke Ciggarette
Smoking habits can trigger cancer cells to grow more quickly. Based on scientific research, that the substance is in a cigarette can effect the immune system so it will be susceptible to breast cancer. 
6. Strive Eating Fresh Organic Vegetables 
There are two kinds of vegetables grown conventionally and organically. Strive if you can eat green vegetables prepared or planted with organic systems. By eating organic greens, your body will be spared from exposure continues – again an unhealthy side affects from the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. 
7. Stabilize Emotions And Avoid Stress 
Keep in mind that one factor triggering the onset of disease in our body is stressed or soul that is not stable. Therefore, facing all the problems and solved by way of a wise and peaceful. 
8. Avoid Foods Containing Preservatives Ingredients 
Strive to not be too often consume snacks containing preservatives. Scientific research has proven that food is preserved is not good for health because it can lead to various diseases. 
9. Avoid Use of Cooking Spice Containing Mono Sodium Glutamate 
Research shows that the use of flavorings that contain MSG  will trigger cancer cells to grow faster. Better, if you cook using only natural herbs and without any mixture of chemicals. 
10. Consumption of Fruit Juice Every Day 
By drinking fresh fruit juice, then our body will gets the intake of nutrients and vitamins that are useful for endurance. There are some fruits that are recommended by health practitioners to be consumed, the dragon fruit, apples, carrots, mangosteen, papaya and Mangoes. In addition, fresh fruit is useful as anti-oxidants to ward off or clean up free radicals in the body. 
11. Meet Your Doctor 
To ensure that the condition of our health in good condition, try to consult a doctor and conduct examinations using X-ray, whether breast there is a problem or not.

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