Symptoms And Solutions Of Puppy Separation Anxiety

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One of the several problems of a typical dog owner is pup separation anxiety. It is a natural instinct for young puppies to develop an attachment to their mothers and their location. When they are removed from their well known environment, they turn out to be stressed and exhibit assorted signs like too much barking, persistent whining, destructive or aggressive behavior, and urination in inappropriate areas. Your failure to be aware of these signs and symptoms or ignoring them as a puppy owner is unsafe.

Every dog is distinctive and reacts differently when it is separated from the owner and the things they know. Many puppies will not eat or drink when their owner is not around. Though majority of owners resort to punishing the puppy for bad actions, this is directed at the actions itself and does not address the cause of the crisis.

The most widely accepted way to assist young puppies going through separation anxiety is to have planned departures. This indicates that you plan to be away from the puppy for a short period of time and steadily extend these periods longer and longer.Some people will go to a veterinarian. The veterinarian will probably advocate medication or information that you can undertake at home. Ask your veterinarian about anti-anxiety drug. Drugs ought to only be a last resort. It is only needed if your puppy has depression or serious separation anxiety. Pills, if you must be aware of comes with side effects like vomiting as well as illnesses.

Position lots of toys around your dog, especially chewing toys if chewing is one of your pup’s indication of anxiety separation. This will assist to keep your pup busy for a while. Endeavor to play with your pup and exercise him enough so that when you go away, your dog would be pretty exhausted. Not only will your puppy have a good workout but he will also have gotten that complete attention from you which makes the dog delighted. Give your dog a treat, attention, or a nice petting when they behave properly when you arrive home or go away. It is a good idea not to award them when they are showing behavior where they are lacking attention.

Even if your pup may be grappling with puppy separation anxiety, it doesn’t signify that the two of you have to endure the problems that are related with it. By implementing a lot of of the guidelines outlined, your dog should be able to do away with his separation anxiety.

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