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The thing that makes us all mad about television series is that they come out with these fantastic new series, and then before you know it you are really getting in to the program and find yourself waiting to run home from work, shopping or whever you may be just to see the next episode. Then after about anywhere from 3-6 months you find they will come out and say that this is it the last episode. And then you are in the dark as to when it will air again. What is this? Why do they do this?You are feeling left in the dark for so long thinking “Is this program ever going to be back on television?” What will happen to all the actors? Where did they go? Next time you see them you might see them on a commerical or in a movie on television or at the theaters. I don’t know about you but this really upsets me when they say last episode but at the end they keep you thinking “Okay that was a sign that showed me it will return. But time keeps going by and you never see it again even after a few years in some cases. I just do not get why the television industry does this to it’s viewers, fans of such big hit series. They just keep us hanging on the edge of our seats in the dark, Waitng, wondering, confused, Even all the people, fans in the world are all talking about “what happened?” Is this really the end? We spend all those enjoyable nights or days waitng, running. anxious hors to watch our favorites and than nothing. I don’t know how bad this upsets some people but for me it is really irritating and frustrating to see the so called “Last Episode” Is it really? I don’t know I was hoping not! It makes me fell all these ways and lost too,Does this kind of thing irritate you and make you mad? I am always going to be wondering why the Television and Entertainment indusry does these kinds of things to us?

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