Russell Stover Solid Milk Chocolate Easter Bunny

This review is for the Russell Stover Solid Milk Chocolate sold chiefly over the Easter holiday.  I bought one of these this year just to treat myself.  Russell Stover is a quality brand and it is one that rarely lets me down in terms of quality and taste.

True to my expectations, the bunny itself that the chocolate was molded into tasted quite yummy.  It was a milk chocolate delight.  Not all Easter candy, or any candy for that matter, is true milk chocolate anymore.  The financial aspects of producing chocolate has caused many companies to go to second rate alternatives, and these really do alter the taste.  Those mixtures can’t even be called ‘milk chocolate’ so you can’t be fooled by it at least.

At any rate, this was indeed that tasty and authentic milk chocolate.  It made me smile as I enjoyed the dessert treat.

I really only have one issue with Russell Stover, though I am sure that what I am about to address is not limited to their company.  We all know that the truth is that these days companies are selling smaller products for more.  While the package is clearly labeled 1.5 ounces, how many of us really know how much that is?  Many others don’t even read, which I admit is their failing.

However, the truth is that this small 1.5 ounce bunny is in a box that is five times its size.  The bunny is even placed in a deceptively large plastic outline.  It makes the bunny look bigger than it is.

In this eco-friendly environment, that is even a worse part of this product.  They could have used a more appropriate package that would have a) shown buyers more easily the true size of the Easter bunny made of chocolate and b) helped the environment by using a package that actually fit the true size of the product.

Regardless, this bunny costs the eater 240 calories, but for an Easter treat, it’s worth it.  Whether you break it apart or just lick it to completion, the taste is pure chocolate delight and while expensive makes for a good treat.

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